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Bubble Recipe

Posted on April 6, 2015 in Projects & Articles

Bubble recipes

Hobbyscience bubbles

HobbyScience … our favorite bubble solution

What you need:

  • good quality liquid dish soap
  • glycerine
  • shallow pan or a large dish
  • misc. wand making materials such as wire, straws,
    netting, string, your hands…

What you do:

  • Mix your bubble solution (make lots and store some! The older the mixture the better it seems to work.)
    Use about 1 cup of soap and about 1 tsp. of glycerin to a quart of water.

  • Make different shaped wands. Be creative and experiment
    with many shapes and utilizing different materials.

  • Recommended for outdoors ; ) Method tips: Dip your wand into the solution and gently wave with full arm motion. Vary the speed of movement and try blowing into the soap film too!

YouTube Bubble Magic video – Geoff Atkins, the bubble juggler: