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Posted on April 7, 2015 in Projects & Articles



Our Favorite Science Links for Kids

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12/21/16 …Michael Hervas wishes to share the following link to an amazing infograhic featured at PSYSCI:
Why Kids Should Science More
Check it out!


5/5/16 … Thank you to MS Andrews for the safety resource link here on tornado safety for adults and Kids:
SafeStars – Tornado Safety

02/13/12 … Thanks to Amy B for recommending these links for earth science, water cycles:
Erosion Wind Water and Ice
Water Cycle, for Kids
Water in Atmosphere
Evaporation Experiment
04/05/14 … Thanks to Jamie B. of Mrs. Willman’s Science Tutor Group for the following links to more on water studies.
All About the Water Cycle
Wellsville Water Treatment Plant -Links
The Water Page
More links:
K&J Magnetics – FAQs Metal Dino Puzzle Blue Bear Wood 

Egg experiments

Vat19 Free Arts and Crafts Video Clips Plesiosauria Activity TV
  Arbor Scientific Science Made Fun
American Antigravity Interactive Sound Lab Frogs and Toads
All About Flies Smart Neurons Nature’s Odyssey
Science 4 Fun Science News for Kids Science Fair Info
Volcanoes! Project Thoughts  
NG Geography Action Science Stuff Weather Wiz Kids
Apogee Rockets Energizer Learning Center Thinking Fountain
Bats4Kids Bizarre Stuff School Homework Help
Solar System Simulator American Sign Language Alphabet Cool Math
How Stuff Works Minax Tarantulas Tommy Cox’s Model Rocketry Page
The Official Young Astronaut Program Bill Nye the Science Guy Enchanted Learning
Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab Sandlot Science Cool Science for Curious Kids
Weather Dude Ask Jeeves For Kids Hubble Space Telescope
EEK! Insect World Vocano World/Kid’s Door
American Museum of Natural History MadSci Network Bubblesphere
Odyssey Birch Aquarium at Scripps Coastal Briefs
Weather Science Experiments for Children The National Zoo The Boomerwolf
Amazon Interactive Magic School Bus Page Virtual Frog Dissection
EPA Explorer’s Club Amazing Kids! Science Fair Projects
The Science Club Kids Corner Rainforest Action Network The Wild Thornberrys
Bat Conservation Intl.,Inc Fun Science for Kids Ask Dr. Universe
Sci4Kids Neill’s Geology for Kids Kid Science
Jurassic Classroom KiddyHouse.com Math All Around Us
Nasa Kids Popular Mechanics for Kids Quillo’s Online Zoo
Earth From Space Science Made Simple The Science Explorer

Science and Misc Cool Stuff Resource Links for Parents:

Student Hacks

Model Rockets
Model Rockets at 321 Rockets.com
Stephen Hawking’s Universe Edmund Scientific Co. Science News
The Raven Project Whatis KidsHealth
Bot Skool Magnetic Energy Vids Ultimate Teacher Resource
Crafty Moms   Arbor Scientific
Activity TV    
Smart Neurons The ButterRum Cartoon Coop My Chicken
AskLand Scientific Keelynet Puzzles HQ
Lab Essentials, Inc Discover This KidMagnet
National Geographic:Habitat Teachers Guide Science Stuff Bad Science
Nova Computer Tips Magnetized Frog Defies Gravity
Brainbench Tests CPR Steps Sonoluminescence</td
Helping Your Child Learn Science The Exploratorium Mars News
Periodic Table Challenge Inventors Volcano World
Robotics Lab Biospherics Star Trails Society
ER1 Personal Robot System Science Art & More Inc. SciTechNews
Conceiving a Clone pending pending
The Lemelson.MIT Awards Program Rainforest Action Network SAMI Science Resources
Science Hobbyist Oceanography, Top to Bottom  
Bizarre Stuff New Stuff EncycloZine
Your Dictionary World Wide Earthquake Locator Alaska Science Forum
Rosemary Scott Vohs’ Storytelling Links Encopresis Hobbyspace
FreePatentsOnline World Science  

Richard W. shared these links – “Fire safety is an important – and frankly, a lifesaving – topic, whether we’re talking about fires that start in the home or those that ignite outside”:

Fire Safety for Kids: Sparky the Fire Dog

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Open Campfire Safety Rules

How to Prepare for a Wildfire

Survive the Unthinkable if Wildfire Threatens Your Home

Home Fire Safety for Older Adults
(This is lengthy – skip to page 7!)

Burn Prevention and Fire Safety Tips

Burns: First Aid for Pets



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