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Hobbyscience Projects for Kids
This site features a collection of fun and easy science and craft projects for all ages. Learn how to raise crickets, learn fun insect facts on the Bug page. Get some weather info, make an anemometer and more on the Weather page (Wind and Rain). Make a worm farm or a terrarium on the Mother Earth page.

For helpful science fair information check out the Science Fair Info page and our Bright Ideas pages. Homeschooling? See the great resources on the Resource Links page. Find out how to make bubbles, have balloon races, and perform an experiment with ink. On HobbyScience you can also find several super easy craft ideas!

Science is Fun
It’s wonderful when kids discover that science is is fun.
When they learn and understand some of the simpler basic science concepts it’s easier for them to understand the more complex concepts later on.

You can help create an environment of fun science for kids.
Many books and project kits can be purchased which can help. Here on Hobbyscience you can find some simple and fun projects to create and do together.

Encourage curiosity.
If your child asks you a question and you’re not sure of the answer, the best way to handle this is to find the answers. Research stuff together.
Do a fun experiment together and see what happens.

We all learn best “by doing”. (The 4-H Motto is learn by Doing) When your children see that you’re interested in discovering answers they will see that that science is truly fun.

We started up a 4-H club while home-schooling, specifically for the sciences. We had club members entering projects from crystal growing to worm farming and much more. Some kids did public speaking projects on their favorite area of science.

By joining learning groups, or starting one… participating…all are good ways to get your child involved and excited about science.

Give kids plenty of opportunities to explore nature.Field trips are great! And participating in science fairs is fun too, for the whole family!

We’re hoping this website will be helpful to you!
Have fun and if you have questions, comments or if you would like to see or contribute more information on worm farms, bugs, weather, bubbles, or any other science or craft topic on here let us know.

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