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Fun Science For Kids
Getting kids interested in science is something a lot of parents want to do. And the earlier we start, the better the results. This is because early on, kids get the impression that science is a subject that is fun and engaging. Aside from this, if they understand the easier basic science concepts, then it will be easier for them to grasp the more complex concepts later on.

So how exactly do parents go about to create an environment of fun science for kids? There are numerous books out there that can help. One of these books is "The Amazing Science Discovery Series". This series specifically targets kids in the elementary grade levels and covers grade 1 to 5 science lesson. It is a set of 5 ebooks designed to help parents re-discover the fun in science together with their kids.

Here are some tips adapted from this book to help you plant the seed of love for science in your little ones.

Fuel their curiosity. If your child asks you a question the answer to which you aren't sure of, do not invent an answer or end it by saying you don't know. The best way to approach this tricky situation is to find the answer together with your child. Research together. Maybe do an experiment together to check the outcome. That is the scientific method in action.

Children learn a lot by doing. And if they see that you are enthusiastic about finding the answers and if you both are successful in finding it, it will show him that science is fun and that it is something comprehensible.

Encourage your child to ask questions and take time to help him find the answers. This will keep him interested and involved in science.

Allow your child to explore.

As parents, we can be naturally over protective of our kids. But in the interest of science, we need to give them the opportunity to get down and dirty and explore the natural environment.

p> Go on a trip to the beach, or a fishing expedition. Go camping with them once in a while or help them plant an herb garden. All of these activities provide them with the opportunity to interact with the natural world, which is something they will learn about in their life science classes.

Letting them go out and explore will allow them to observe first hand the effects of weathering on various rock formations, the water cycle, and food chain and so much more. It will also make them aware of the need to conserve our resources and to be conscious of some of our actions that can harm the environment.

Throw a science party for your kids and their friends.

This is not as geeky as it sounds. Science parties are a great way to make science fun and cool for your child and his/her peers. You may not realize it, but something like a magic show can become a fun science activity for your child if the magician is also a good teacher and talks about how concepts learned in the physical sciences are used to make some magic tricks possible.

Another idea is a kite making and flying party. Through this party, your host can talk about how kites are able to fly and how the weather can affect how high you can fly your kite or how specific kite designs are better compared to others.
- article by Gabrielle Hunter

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Have fun and if you have questions, comments or if you would like to see more info on worm farms, bugs, weather, bubbles, or any other science or craft topic added here let us know.  -bonnie

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